What Does In Transit Meaning in TCS Parcel Delivery

What Does In Transit Meaning in TCS Parcel Delivery?

What Does In Transit Meaning in TCS Parcel Delivery?

Waiting for a parcel to arrive can be frustrating and thus you should know where your parcel is and when it will arrive. In this case, in transit meaning in TCS your parcel is on the way to you. So there is only need to wait for a few more hours and your parcel will be in your hand soon. Let’s dive into details and see what are some other delivery and shipping terms and what are their meanings so you can lessen your frustration.

What is the Meaning of In Transit for TCS Delivery?

in transit

The simple meaning of “In Transit” is that your package is finally on the way to its destination. So you will soon receive your package in less than one day. You should know that a package has to pass various checkpoints and places before finally delivering it to you. 

So this is the final step where the receiver will receive a message that your parcel is in transit and will be delivered to you soon.

In Transit Meaning in Urdu TCS

Here is the meaning of in transit in TCS in Urdu:

آپ کا ٹی سی ایس پارسل آپ کی طرف روانہ ہے۔ آپ جلد ہی اپنا پارسل حاصل کریں گے۔ اس کو پہنچنے میں ایک یا دو دن لگ سکتے ہیں۔

What are Some Common TCS Delivery Codes and Their Meanings?

Here are some of the most common TCS tracking codes with their meanings. So next time you are worried about your parcel, you can check these codes and see what is the current position of your parcel.

  • In Transit (IN): This code means your package arrives at the shipping carrier and it is getting ready to deliver to you. It can take one day or two depending upon the day of the week and the time for the delivery.
  • Out for Delivery (OFD): When you see that TCS is saying “Out for Delivery” this simply means the postman is on the route to you with your parcel. It is the time to be ready and get your parcel.
  • Arrived at Facility (AAF): When your package arrives at the local distribution center, you will see the code “Arrived at Facility (AAF)”.
  • Departed Facility (DPF): If the parcel was in a specific TCS facility then now it has departed to the next destination.
  • Sorting Complete (SC): Sorting is a process where a package gets scanned and sorted by item type. In this process, the package is now ready to move on.
  • On Hold (OH): This code can cause a delay to your delivery as it simply means your parcel is on hold. The reasons behind this hold can be customs clearance, address issues, or the recipient’s request.
  • Return to Sender (RTS): Due to some reasons like wrong address, recipient refusal or delivery failure, the package has been sent back to the sender.
  • Delayed (DL): Now this will indicate that your parcel is delayed. And there are many causes for this issue. If there is a public holiday, extreme weather conditions, or other logistics issues, the parcel will be marked as delayed.
  • Arrival Scan (AS): This is the first step of any order where a package is added to the facility record after scanning it.
  • Departure Scan (DS): The package is out and sent to the next facility after s scan.
  • Delivered (DEL): Finally, the news that you want to see is that your package is delivered successfully.


So these are the meanings of some most common courier deliveries. In Transit means that you are about to receive your TCS order so be patient and wait for your parcel to arrive. If you have any questions about these codes, then feel free to ask us. Thanks for reading.

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