TCS Courier Services

TCS Courier Services

TCS Courier Services

TCS is Pakistan’s number one courier service and we have a slogan “TCS Kar Do” which means send through courier. When someone says courier, the Pakistani nation has only one name which is “TCS Courier Services” and that’s an amazing thing. TCS has gained trust, love, and reputation from the nation and thus empowers the country with its courier services. Also, TCS tracking services are very easy and quick.

TCS stands for Tranzum Courier Service and it was founded in 1983 by former PIA flight engineer Khalid Nawaz Awan. TCS also had a co-company “Yayvo” which was an e-commerce business store just like Daraz. However, it does not work anymore due to some issues.

TCS has numerous courier services that are both domestic and international. All these services are full of quality and fast delivery. The rate list is also very affordable so you can use them without worrying about a burning hole in your pocket. Let’s have a look at these amazing services and see what TCS is offering and how you can get benefits from them.

TCS Courier Services

Let’s explore the domestic services first as these are the services that every Pakistani will use more often. Later, we will get through the international services as well. So let’s get started.

TCS Courier Services

Overnight Express

The first courier service is Overnight Express. As the name suggests, TCS delivers these consignments after the next day when receiving it from the customer. Also, this service is most widely used in Pakistan and it has 90% coverage in all cities of Pakistan. 

Moreover, if you want to use this service, you can even call the TCS to collect your parcel from your doorstep or you can also go to any TCS Express Center and handover your parcel there.

Time Choice Delivery

TCS understands the importance of time thus offering Time Choice Delivery where a customer can choose the time when he/she wants to get a delivery. How is this helpful? Well, when you need to do your important tasks outside of your home then how can you receive a parcel at your home? This is where this delivery option comes in. 

Yes, you can choose the time and date when you want to get your order. Also, the time of delivery after the confirmation is no more than 1 hour. So get your parcels or consignments on time when you need them.

Same Day Delivery

What could be better than to receive your parcel on the same day when it is shipped? TCS is providing an option to 11 major cities of Pakistan where a customer will receive a package on the same day. Wait a sec, but how is this possible? Well, it is possible due to 4500 delivery vehicles along with an air freighter. So yes, it is possible for TCS to deliver a package in just one day and there is no delay.


Sending a bulky package has never been easier before the RedBox service. Now you can send 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 KG of parcels at reasonable rates. Sending these parcels will cost you thousands of PKR on any other courier service like Leopard Courier service. But when you use this RedBox, you are free from any extra charges and also get peace of mind.

Second Day Delivery

This is for overland courier deliveries so that’s why you can send parcels on the second day right after the shipping booking. Also, the rates are extremely low so this is a major service that you can utilize. Also, TCS delivers these parcels in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Express Flyer

This is a service that every Pakistani must have tried. This is a D2W material bag that is safe from environmental pollution risks. It is decomposable and thus does not create pollution like a plastic bag. It can contain documents, small packages like mobile phones, and accessories. It is hard to re-seal or tear so it is safe and secure.

Liquid Shipments

There was a huge demand for people to introduce a liquid supply service so that business owners who are working with liquids like chemicals can use TCS for deliveries. So TCS started this service in 2022 and it is now covering all the needs of liquid parcels. 

TCS is also IATA-certified so it knows how to deal with dangerous chemicals and how to send them from one place to another without putting any risk. 

They also use Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) standards in their deliveries to make sure every drum or container of dangerous chemicals is delivered with care and safety to the destination.

Mehfooz Express

How many times do you have to consider twice or thrice sending an important document via courier to make sure about its privacy and security? But now TCS has changed things for the first time. Mehfooz Express is offering one of the most secure and safe document delivery options. 

It is hard to tear and bend the envelope with heat and water resistance. So use it and see for yourself how amazing this service is.

Economy Express

This is just another TCS standard second day delivery service but you can use it to deliver bulky items. It uses the TCS boxes that are 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 KG in capacity. Also, this delivery offers 999 KG of parcels in one go and if the weight of the parcel is above 30 KG then the user has to provide the package box or bag. So it is a perfect solution for those business owners who deal with heavy shipments.

Students Express

TCS knows how important a student is for a bright future of a nation thus offering brilliant services for students as well. Now students can send their academic documents from Pakistan to other countries or even to other cities in Pakistan. This service will send and receive their parcels with 100% confidentiality and safety.

Attestation Services

Want to attest your college or university degree from HEC (Higher Education Commission)? Why worry? Use TCS attestation services to send your documents to HEC and get it back to you with safety and care. This is such a relief for students.

Overland Express

Are you a corporate customer base business owner? Want to send heavy shipments from one city to another? TCS is covering all the major companies like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and financial companies to send bulky shipments at affordable prices.

Warehousing Solutions

TCS is offering not an ordinary warehousing solution but a Web-based Inventory Management System (WIMS). This means, now you can keep a track record of your orders, customers, and inventory as well.

Cold Chain Management

TCS is also offering temperature-sensitive shipment services. TCS has fleets of temperature-sensitive vehicles that are designed to deliver cold items from one city to another. Whether it is a stock or ice cream, frozen food, or even medicine, TCS has the Fleet Integrated Management System (FIMS) to deliver those on time and at the preferred temperature.


COD which stands for Cash on Delivery is a service where a customer can pay when he receives his parcel from an online store. This is a very good service that allows customers to pay after receiving the product thus eliminating the chances of fraud. However, TCS has introduced a COD+ service that is for small businesses so they can also leverage this service.

TCS Fresh

TCS Fresh is a service that brings farm fresh vegetables and fruits to your table. This service is for farmers who want to send their fruits and vegetables to major cities and TCS is helping them.

Mailroom Management Solutions (MMS) and Managed Printing Services (MPS)

Discover the new era of Mailroom Management Solutions (MMS) and Managed Printing Services (MPS) with TCS. You name it and TCS will print it for you in bulk and deliver it as well. This service is currently printing 0.6 million envelopes and 2 million impressions every day without any issues. TCS is using Duplex printing that is suitable for durable and dual printing on both sides of the paper.

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