The Big Green Campus: How Dartmouth University Stays Eco-Friendly

The Big Green Campus: How Dartmouth University Stays Eco-Friendly


Dartmouth University is a place where people learn and grow. Being eco-friendly, or caring for the environment, is super important here. Why? Because it helps keep our planet healthy for us and future generations.

The Green Initiatives at Dartmouth:

Dartmouth works hard to be eco-friendly. We have cool programs to recycle stuff like paper, plastic, and cans. We also save energy by turning off lights and using less water. Plus, Dartmouth offers ways for people to get around without polluting, like biking or taking buses. Our buildings are built with the environment in mind too!

Campus Gardens and Sustainable Food Practices:

Did you know Dartmouth has gardens? Yep! We grow some of our own food right on campus. This means we don’t have to travel far to get fresh veggies. We also try to buy food from local farmers to support our community. When we’re done with food scraps, we compost them to help our gardens grow even more!

Environmental Education and Awareness:

At Dartmouth, we learn a lot about how to take care of our planet. Students lead clubs that teach others about being eco-friendly. We also have classes where we study the environment. Dartmouth hosts events to help everyone learn more and get involved in protecting nature.

Collaboration with Local Communities:

Dartmouth doesn’t just care about itself. We work with local businesses and people in our community to help the environment. We join hands to clean up parks and rivers. We also do research to find ways to make our community greener.

Challenges and Future Goals:

Being eco-friendly isn’t always easy. Sometimes we face problems, like not having enough money or people to help. But we keep going! Dartmouth has big dreams for the future, like using even less energy and teaching more people about being green.


Dartmouth University is leading the way in being eco-friendly. We recycle, grow food, and teach others about caring for the environment. It’s important for all of us to work together to keep our planet healthy. Let’s keep going green!

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